Digital storytelling and digital pen for learning in China and Finland


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Aika: Perjantai klo 10:15 - 10:45, Esityssali 14


  • Jenny Niu, Helsingin yliopisto
  • Marianne Vivitsou, Helsingin yliopisto

Avainsanat: digitalisaatio, digitaalinen oppimisympäristö, tulevaisuustaidot

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The study is conducted in two schools in China and in Finland with 2 classes of 10-11 years old students in their Math learning lessons in November 2016. The aim is to fin out how a digital story telling and digital pen as learning tools and methods promote students’ math learning and  21st century skills. Finnish team members collect data in Finland and Chinese team members in China. In the beginning of the study students’ qualities such as school achievement levels, self-efficacy and school motivation will be measured quantitatively.  During the intervention students’ and teachers’ work will be documented and observed. At the end on the project teachers and students will be poste-tested and interviewed concerning their experiences of learning process and products. The learning analytics data will be integrated and compared with quantitative and qualitative data. The data will l analyzed in January 2017.

Digital storytelling allows students to work collaboratively in groups, plan the task at hand, implement and evaluate the stories as products.  Digital pen is the pen equipped with the pressure sensor and HD camera and makes the HD camera to take 100 photos per second. Digital pen will be in use when students’ work with their digital stories: design process, create their conceptual mind maps for the story, give comments of their progress and provide evaluation of their own and peer’s stories. All the data will be used for developing learning analytics as a tool for data-based feedback. Conducting studies both in China and Finland, totally different educational systems, will provide understanding how to meet 21st century skills. Connecting learning analytics with the processes will bring new knowledge internationally for supporting students’ learning. The project will widen all participants, both researchers and practitioners understanding of learning in new learning environments and with new tools.